Alinhamento Estelar Therapy


Alinhamento Estelar Therapy

75,00 €
45,00 / unidade(s)

Alinhamento Estelar - Distance Healing

Alinhamento Estelar is a therapy channeled by Alryom, which allows a leap of energy by doing multidimensional unlocks, cleans and reclaims energies in deep and unknown layers.
Re-encodes disqualified energy and expands its light.

The Alinhamento Estelar is beneficial to you, your family, your pets, homes, and work spaces.

This therapy can have a calming effect, make the person feel better, rebalance the energy of the body and chakras, increase vitality with a positive effect on the physical body as well as accelerate recovery or trigger the healing process.
The Alinhamento Estelar session is able to provide you with instant power and work the following:
- Energy cleaning, transmutation, re-energization.
- Disobsession, breaking of energetic strings with black magicians.
- Magnification of your Light Channel, increased coronary energy uptake, chakras alignment, subtle bodies and other channels energy sources.
- Deployment of subtle bodies for treatment on interdimensional ships.
- Tracing and removal of chips, implants, locks, made by those who understand it (stellar teams).

@ After payment, we will send you an email with the day and time of the session.

The healing work is done by Maria Arc, a holistic, vibrational and quantum therapist, holistic consultant, consultant LOA, energy healer, therapist of physical and etheric crystals and etheric florals, ...

# We will need your name and date of birth (you can also send a photo) and your country / city.

You can also send information about the specific reason for sending the therapy.

# For homes and workplaces, we need the address and / or a photo.

# For pets we need the name of the PET and its data or a photo.

* If you are requesting treatment for another person, we need his explicit permission.

* All information you submit is confidential.

* Please add the email address of Maria Arc to your contact list, in your account, to make sure the emails come to you.

** These therapies do not replace Western medicine, ideally they work together, so be sure to take your medications.

If you are unsure about receiving healing treatment in combination with your current medical condition, ask your doctor first.

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